There are no 'fake eggs' in Uganda

That’s a relief!


Not according to the lead singer of the French Depeche Mode tribute band. While he was in Kampala he couldn’t get a real egg for his breakfast. He was heard to say:

“I just can’t get un oeuf”


Was gonna ovoid this thread due to a chronic tagging omission. But I felt inquisitive, so said to myself, don’t be coy, Wza, you gander.

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I’ve been trying to make this scan with There Are No Cats in America from An American Tail and it’s doing my head in

“20 grand to the highest bidder/but Chris Rock said there’s no fake eggs in Uganda”

Katie Melua’s comeback single failed to bother the charts.


But there are still careers in combat, my son

The greatest gift they’ll get this year is life

In Uganda if you ask for a “Rolex” you will get an egg based dish which is like an omelette rolled in a chapati - “rolled eggs”

That’s when I start promising the world to a brand new girl I don’t even know yet. Next thing she’s wearing my rolled eggs


Read this on atlas obscura the other day

Oh yeah?