There are three guarantees in life



Your pillows riding up during the night


This doesn’t happen to me


How? Have you got them strapped to the bed

Oh I dont use pillows

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Me neither

I’m immortal


Yes i know this feeling well, the bastards are constantly slipping about at night and giving me neck pains. Think i rearrange them half asleep though so it isn’t too much of an issue. Can’t sleep with 1 pillow though, this probably wouldn’t happen if i wasn’t on team 2 pillows

2 pillows is the standard, surely

No, lots of people use 1 pillow and some deviants (me in a hotel) use 3

I sometimes use 3 as a treat if I can’t sleep


Definitely prefer one larger pillow to two thinner ones. Find this doesn’t really happen using one pillow.

I’m in the dreaded 2 pillows too many 1 pillow not enough territory at the moment


My girlfriend uses two pillows and I use one so when I spoon her when falling asleep my neck is at a weird angle.

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I love your illustrated threads so much, man


I either wake up with a headache and blocked nose from not using enough pillows or a sore neck from using too many. there’s no happy middle ground and every night’s a struggle :frowning:

slept in a bed on thursday and friday where the pillows kept falling through a gap between the mattress and the headboard. absolute nightmare.

  • pillow between the legs to keep everything seperate
  • i like it all sticking together

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I use two pillows and this never happens to me, can’t really comprehend how it might

the illustration only deepens the mystery

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never really get any sticking together

maybe this varies depending on the hairiness of a person’s legs

also heat? hmm

could be all the jam I rub into my legs each night


Not a pillow but I tuck the duvet between my knees or they clatter together all night, as I am a human skeleton

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