There are two types of people in the world...

  • I always put a divider down after my shopping on the checkout for the next person to start loading theirs whenever possible
  • I do not do this

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of course, I’m not a monster Ivor!

  • I stand bottles up and as I don’t care if they fall over and smash
  • I lay my bottles down carefully on the conveyor belt

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I knew you’d be on the right side of this. Also annoys me when people spread their items out along the whole conveyor belt instead of trying to take up as little space as possible.


There are two types of people in this world:

  • People who return their trolley to the trolley shelter
  • People who ditch their trolley wherever

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Lay them down lengthways only so they don’t roll backwards.


How’s about when you put your basket back in the basket pile. Do you make sure the handles are down and to the side so the next person can easily place there’s on the top without repositioning the handles? I don’t always do this and remember one particular incident when a grumpy old man mumbled “typical woman” at me :expressionless:


I was always the divider down person but since covid I’ve been a bit more like touch the grotty divider yourself, or just stand back and wait a bit to put your shopping down.


I will literally give people evils if they do not put a divider down.

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  • I put my shopping items down in a logical order which pertains to how I will pack them into bags at the other end
  • idgaf about packing stuff properly

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Heavy stuff on there first, always.


Got to get your token/one quid back!


my brother had a right go at me about this once, can’t believe how much he cares about correct packing procedure

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  • I let people go in front of me if they have very few items and I have many
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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have to return it, im not made of pound coins

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  • Non food (specifically things like bleach that could ruin your food if burst)

  • Frozen/chilled

  • Fresh (fruit and veg)

  • Heavy cans

  • Soft items like bread and crisps


The only thing I’m really worried about are things like eggs and bread. Squished bread and cracked eggs makes me sad.

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whenever I would shop with my ex-wife she would insist on packing it all correctly. I now make it my business to pack it as badly as possible for no other reason than it makes me feel a bit better. I’m actually just doing myself really.

  • I ask the next person in the queue if they are going to use the self service if it’s free in case they haven’t noticed
  • first come first serve for selecting the self service station (peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!)

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heavy stuff first (liquids, tins) as you don’t want them crushing stuff. try and keep chilled/frozen/cleaning stuff together. everything else is just tetris.

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