There are YouTube playlists of the old 120 Minute shows on MTV2!



I thought it was well before 2007


It was. I was watching around 2004 I’m sure.


the halcyon days of early mtv2 when it was mainly viewer request playlists


120 minutes was early-mid 90s for me…Paul King presented…loved it…one of the few good options in the media for music in those days


Yeah, not sure I could stand 2 hours of music from 2007-2009.

You can also get pretty much every Chart Show indie chart on Youtube too.


it was quite underground stuff, not landfill indie, plus they played loads of old stuff too


Actually, to be fair, I just had a look and it’s really good stuff on there…which explains why MTV cancelled it I suppose :wink:


yeah i definitely wasn’t watching past 2007