There have been some absolute dog dirt TV dramas on recently, eh?

Collateral with Carey Mulligan. One of the worst, most directionless series of all time. Awful casting, shite dialogue, exaggerated characters, they even made John Simm bad. Can see what they were going for, but fuck me.

Little Drummer Girl. Shitting hell. Looks the part, but wanted to punch myself in the face whenever the lead character was onscreen. Shannon’s normally a mark of quality but bored lifeless.

That Bodyguard finale.


Pleb telly.

Quite enjoyed the Little Drummer Girl, tbh, but I’m the sort of pretentious wanker who enjoys that sort of retro aesthetic (my Mam rang me up a while back to recommend an episode of some holiday programme she’d seen where they’d visited a ruined Cold War era brutalist building somewhere in Bulgaria: “that’s the kind of thing you like isn’t it, dear?” She must think I’m a complete tosser).

Anyway, I agree with you about the Bodyguard. Implausible plot and ridiculously overrated. Not seen the other two.

Wasn’t massively impressed with Black Earth Rising, either, which I thought was a bit slow, and the ending rather unsatisfactory. Which was a shame, because I really enjoyed An Honourable Woman, which was by the same writer.

Absolute worst recently was that one about the Gettys, though, which was a shame as the actors were really quite good.

I mean the Bodyguard was expected if you’d seen Line of Duty. I enjoyed it but it was much ‘flabbier’ than LoD. Not sure if that was Netflix demanding a slower pace or 1 hr per episode runtime maybe.

Collateral was flawed as hell but not sure I’d go so far as to call it dog dirt

Might be that I haven’t had the chance to watch anything on TV for a whole but The long song (bbc) was pretty decent TV drams imho

Liberal anti slavery white boy going full on racist at the first opportunity that came his way was some truth

Ole boy looked like simon pegg so much tho