There is a man in the meeting room having a conversation with the HR woman and the Company Director - WHO IS HE?


he is wearing a shirt and tie and has been here since before the workplace opens at 9.00 (one of my colleges got in early at 8.30 and the meeting(?) was already underway.

who is he?


Either someone applying for a job or a consultant who’s come to cut out all the dead wood.

Either way, it doesn’t look good for you Budgey.

(Safety wink)


Albert Einstein.


also - he just left - so wa sin there for at least an hour and a bit

company director and hr woman are now having a chat in the meeting room


Bert Millichip


Take the HR woman and the mystery man across. Come back with the HR woman leaving the mystery man on the other side and bring the boss. come back and bring the HR woman


sounds like someone is getting the bullet


sean adams


Sounds like he’s blackmailing them.




Were they maybe having an affair?




Someone important who is getting the sack.











  • Recruitment Consultant in to discuss hiring of new staff
  • Prospective employee being interviewed
  • Lawyer advising on redundancy issues/Liquidator coming for Budgie’s ass

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this, budgo?