There is a meteor heading for earth!


What stuff should we leave/bring along when we hide in the underground cities?

pepsi or coke but not both.

I find most things useful except seth macfarlene, golf clubs, and lena dunham. All three are awful inanimate objects.

Would we bring this DiS forum or the old one???


I’d say there were some HOT TAKES heading for earth


Wouldn’t worry about it. It’ll probably burn up on entering the atmosphere and end up no bigger than a chihuahua’s head.


Saying hot take is now in itself hot. A meta hot take. As is commenting on how hot takes have become hot takes. The internet is shit.


Meteors are objects that burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Meteorites are ones that survive the journey and actually impact the Earth…


YES! And every single prick who walked into me in London on Sunday whilst staring at their smartphone. Fuck sake.

There is some sort of alarm going off



tins of mackerel


people who phrase their #opinions as if they are facts. can die


Comment is free then. Full of those miserable fuckers.


May we also add wheelie bag wankers, public transport bagseaters and people who walk around busy stations reading novels like they’re fucking Ezra Pound


The twins from Funhouse




Two of every animal


I think we should take some Marx with us into our underground cities too (our underground cities will be communal utopias)