There is a new burger place near where I'm staying


That opens tomorrow at 11am that is offering a free burger every week for a year to the first 100 people. Has a little red carpet setup.
What’s the earliest you’d secure your place in the queue to secure a weekly burger? Looks like a kinda gourmet burger place…
Me? I cba…10:50


if I didn’t have much to do, I’d probably wait about 45 minutes for a free burger


11.01 and sack it off if there’s a queue


52 free burgers!


i’d wander down at 10 and see what queues like

wouldnt fancy a burger at 11 though


whats the plce called




good burrito place here opened a 3rd branch recently and were offering a free burrito to the first 100 people or something. i needed to go into town anyway so i went in and walked past about half an hour before, thinking if it there weren’t too many people i might join the queue, but it was queued all the way down the street and around the corner. in the rain. on a weekday morning. with almost definitely more than 100 people.

i did not join that queue but for a free burger every week then i would be willing to queue for quite a while.


why would you even bother joining the queue if theres visably more than 100 erics already there :dizzy_face:


which place?


the new Boojum branch


tbf i’m not good at judging quantities of people but i’m pretty sure…


Yeah the last one that opened down here had hoards of pricks just waiting for a free one. Some of them must have been there hours :confused:


apparently the first people in the queue were there from 7am. it opened at 11:30am.


Can’t understand that at all. Boojum is fairly class though.