There is no 'safe' jelly bean flavour


Red could easily be cinnamon
Orange could be melon
Green could be watermelon
White could be coconut
MAYBE blue is okay actually.

Thanks everyone.


Sainsbury’s own brand jelly beans are delicious and vegan
you are all welcome


Hello Xylo, I’m wondering if you saw my posts in the running thread the other day about how I have a jar of jelly beans in my house and I swallow them, with water, like pills before a morning run. Thoughts?

A gaming thread for 2019

They’re all pretty safe fam.


all unlikely.

melon would be good though,


Alright Harry Potter


why don’t you like tasting things, Ant?


orange and speckled red is always safe. also violet.


if only


Because in this case, I’ve just brushed my teeth.


Not really a fan of jelly beans. Think I’ll mute this thread.


You’ve listed all great ones (apart from cinnamon)


yeah, fuckem*. Don’t need that shit in my life
*walked past some jelly beans in the office about 20 seconds ago! did not risk


oh god i bet you’re a peanut butter fan


Don’t see many Starburst Joosters kicking about these days do you.


Fucking great point, this.


why don’t you eat them before you brush your teeth, Ant?


My faves are the coconut, marshmallow, strawberry shortcake, popcorn.


Please don’t ask me questions like this, the fact of the matter is that I swallow jelly beans with water as if they’re pills before I go for a run in the morning. You don’t have to like it but you have to accept it.


when they were launching, we got to try some early at my primary school for some reason and we each got a special pen with the Joosters logo on it where it had water and four big pretend jelly beans floating in it, which i can’t find any pictures of on google. they were my favourite sweets for ages just cos of that (plus they were great)

not sure why this happened at a really tiny little rural primary school in Tyrone, the headmaster must have applied for it or something.