There is something wrong in your life if

you are cooking directly onto a baking tray

i don’t even understand what you mean here

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Depends what you’re cooking really. (YSC)

do you mean you should line your tray with foil? if so, cannot agree more

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I think he means like jizzing directly onto a bathroom sink.

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That’s smee/niki levels of environmental irresponsibility


Fuck foil, fuck it to hell balonz.

Think he means without a protective cover of foil?

Complete waste of foil IMO. What, do you think I’m made of foil?

I’m not made of foil.

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Feel free to use parchment

you can reuse the foil again. unless it’s something greasy/oily, obviously.

also, it’d be interesting to compare the carbon footprint difference between chucking a bit of foil or washing an oven tray.

when I say interesting, I of course mean very dull


Or parchment! Plus you make your savings on washing up and its associated fluids.

can’t believe people aren’t protecting their foil with some kind of metallic lining

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Foil’s dead cheap! And what else are you going to use it for anyway? You going to make yourself some foil friends and have a foil tea party with a foil teapot and foil scones while you sit on your foil chairs and discuss the new book* from your foil book club? Is that what you’re going to do? You make me sick.

*the book is also made of foil.

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I use a baking tray on top of the foil

I’m with you Lonz. My wife tends to pick our foil and cling film up from the pound shop. Normally get like 100 metres of the stuff.

I just buy non-stick baking trays like a normal person.

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If you know a better way to make friends than to fashion them from foil I’d sure like to hear it. Know why? BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE.

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so many opinions in this thread