There’s a new film out about the mid-00s indie scene

actually my English friend at uni lent me the Good Shoes album to rip to my computer. i liked one song and can remember absolutely nothing else from it

Good Shoes are alright tbf: the 2 7"s I have are Never Meant To Hurt You and The Way My Heart Beats.
Larrikin Love were okay too but mostly memorable to me for having the smaller vinyl record I’d ever seen (5")
I remember everyone going wild for The Long Blondes but like they’re ‘fine’. Weekend without makeup is the only thing by them I own.

Obvs I had all their albums as mp3 because like most cash light young folks I downloaded like heck. Lost to time now.
Have loads of 7"s from this era though as they were very cheap by today’s standards (£1 or 2) and I’d pick a few up as a novelty and to check out what had got a good review on the Monday or bands I’d heard about.


Every time I see the Neil Young Listening Club thread, I have to stop myself from clicking into it having mistaken it for an NYPC thread.


Good Shoes fits perfectly into that category of bands where I’m never inspired to listen to them, but if I stumble across them for some reason they just bring back really nice teenage nostalgia

never saw them, never met someone who was a fan, never discussed them - but they had a few nice pleasant tunes and I had a nice time listening

This thread has left me gasping for a snakebite and a good bop around the local indie night.


Same! And at least NYPC have one good song :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Saw them supporting Bloc Party pre Silent Alarm- the most mid 2000s gig ever! Bloc Party were brilliant can’t remember much about Good Shoes.

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some snarky comments in this thread given one of our own is actually in it. Hope you had fun doing it @pip!

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I saw bloc party absolutely smashed at… dunno, somewhere in London, when they were getting a lot of hype but I hadn’t heard a note. I was in this upstairs room tho looking down on the gig through a big window or something and i was actually listening to the music that the DJ was playing, remember thinking they were a lot more screamy punk than I was expecting (DJ was playing screamy punk)


That sounds like the upper bar of the Scala.


Yes that sounds right!!!


Also - I am friends with someone who was friends with the long blondes and whose band used to support them a lot. I have absolutely no stories about the long blondes.

Im literally in it for 2 seconds so it’s alright, snark away people! I think films that are about or an attachment to a particular music scene are always going to be polarising, especially if you’ve lived through that time yourself.

Was really fun doing it anyway!


It’s not a reflection on you m9! In fact I can now name drop my film star friend which is great

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Wish I could like this multiple times!

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