There’s a train ticket sale going on right now

Just got a return to London for £36 from Nottingham which is reasonable I guess.

Stealing from the rich and giving it to the rich jordan

I like your hustle

Don’t live in Nottingham and not visiting London but can’t turn down a bargain like that


Lancaster to Edinburgh and return for two fully grown solid adults, £26. Can you beat that?

Lancaster to Glasgow for £50 return

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Mugged off. Should’ve just bought the ticket to Edinburgh and walked over to Glasgow (which I hear is p much the same place?)

Turn your tickets into an NFT

If I wanted to know about train ticket sales I’d be an active member of :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


£35 return from London to Swansea (with a 26-30 railcard, TBF) for DiS Hol.

Annoting its only for the next month and I’ve already booked a holiday for next month so dont really want to go anywhere else.

£16 return from Aberdeen to Edinburgh I’m seeing…that’s damn good.