There's a dying butterfly trapped between my shutters and the window



I’m scared of them so I can’t open the shutters but I stuck my hand through to open the window but I don’t think it can get out


Do the humane thing and obliterate it


Can I steal this for the name of my forthcoming post-rock band?


press it into a book and start a collection


it’s more scare of the shutters and windows than you are of it


scared of butterlfy !!! hahahaah


yes but I’m me, I can’t feel it’s pain


especially a dying one


Kill it with fire?


Think of all the hurricanes that have been prevented


so what happened? that poor wee butterfly better be flying around somewhere.


My money is on flying around the rolling meadows of butterfly heaven


Here’s a little something about butterflies… Every year we go to see them at Wisley when they fill the glass house. I’ve always enjoyed it and been impressed.

On Monday I went to Whipsnade (autocorrect was Whoremaster, what the fuck) and they had a butterfly tent. At first, due to our extensive butterfly sightings, we thought we wouldn’t go in. But fuck me it blew Wisley out the water. Incredible.

This has now ruined Wisely butterflies for me.

Feel free to read this as a cautionary tale.


I think you might be right


I was on the phone to someone in work about work stuff, I thougth I was hiding my laughter from her until she asked me what I was laughing at.


I guess it wasn’t autocorrect it was the swipey thing. I have definitely never typed Whoremaster.


I don’t know, I can’t hear it. The cleaner came so I’m hoping she let it out or sucked it up with the hoover.

It was all getting a bit horrible because my daughter could hear it flapping and she looked at me like ‘what’s that?’ And all I could say was ‘oh dear’ and then every time it flapped she’d say ‘oh dear’