There's a new remix of Dancing In The Moonlight on the radio


Basically just says “here we go” at random bits.

It’s 2017 ffs. Grim.


@smee’s old colleague got into remixing?


Don’t worry, that’s not new. That’s the Stargazers (or something) edit, which for some reason featured on a number of compilation albums in the early noughties.


I think that was Stargate in 2001 (can’t listen as I’m in work)


That’s the one. I heard this version more than the original, so now whenever I hear it I miss the occasional “here we go” bits.


Aye, we’re reached the time when a load of old shite pop from the late 90s and early 00s is considered retro sample/remix/cover fodder.



Thanks Theo but if this isn’t to pedantic that was actually someone a friend of mine sat next to on a plane once



Oh ok


Aha. I’m almost amazed you can remember given you later asked where ‘here we go’ had come from as a DiS meme :smiley:


i was in a bar in belfast airport last night and every single song they played seemed to be a remix/edit of an existing popular song, it’s infuriating