There's a rumour going around the office

That the local Sainos has got a sushi bar!

I’ll give it a go tomorrow

I have been to one of these they sell strawberry cheesecake mochi. :drooling_face:

It looks a bit pricy tbh.

Will give the Poke a go though.

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Tell you what I fucking hate the thought of.

Sushi with cream cheese

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Get yer mam to chuck you a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar when you’re about to order


that lot that do the treadmill dancing?


Just order some chips but use as many of these words as possible.

Good grief

I don’t get it

Dont get why people buy sushi from the supermarket

OK Go?

Because its proper rustic

Yeah not the reg sushi, I’m guessing this is supposed to be a higher quality

Not everyone lives or works within easy access of a sushi restaurant

Yeah but


We have one of those. Takes up so much fucking space. The only thing I have got from it was a bottle of Kewpi from the shelf in front.

Should go without then

(Or do whatever they want, dont really care)

Isn’t that the Youtuber guy?

Waitrose in Glasgow has this, never ordered from it as its 5mins from 2 sushi places.

Not food bin but recycling bin related. Flat has about five massive recycling bins out the back. All filled to the brim and over flowing. Do you:

  • Balance all your recycling on top like jenga knowing that when the binmen come it will all fall to the ground
  • Stick the recycling in the normal rubbish bins

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