There's πŸ‘ a vending πŸ‘ machine πŸ‘ at work πŸ‘πŸ‘

it :clap: still doesn’t :clap: accept :clap: the new Β£1 coin :clap::clap::clap:

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Are you supposed to say this thread out loud to the tune of there there by radio head?


Use it to bin old pound coins you still end up recieving ever hour and again from asshole bars when ur pissed as change

Shit think I mean pyramid song don’t I?

may be able to get it to accept 2 x 20ps stuck together as a Β£1



The vending machine here is card only. Since the canteen, vending machine and coffee shop all went cashless I have not used an ATM at all.

No radiohead reference

Oh woe is me with me fuckin’ vendy. Some of us have to use fucking shops!

vendy diagram


I’m really angry at myself for laughing at that.


The folk who stock our vending machine keep ordering the same shit, even if people never buy it. We’re out of Snickers bars and Dairy Milks within a couple of days, then they start spreading the beef-flavoured crisps and licorice allsorts around the empty sections as if that will encourage more people to buy them. It’s usually a week before they start restocking and always with the same quantity of each product. Fucking arseholes.

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They do ours with a repeating patter of one good flavour of McCoys followed with one bad flavour that no one buys. Once resorted to buying two packs in despair to get the one I want. They have defeated me.


I do the :joy: thing a lot, should I stop?

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how do vending machines work? i mean not technically, more in a business sense

can i buy one and then just leave it somewhere and fill it every week or whatever

feel like i should buy a bunch of vending machines


Owned by the Mafia, pal. Those kneecaps would be gone in minutes.

Would be a good idea for a thread - what would be in your ideal vending machine.


I’ve been doing very well because I had about Β£30 of old Β£1 coins I forgot about in my desk drawer so I’ve just been using them for the vendy.

lisa maffia?

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