There's hardly any leaves on the trees

Even though it’s nearly May


Anyone else noticed this? It’s like Spring hasn’t happened.


Yeah I noticed this today actually and thought to myself, ‘that’s odd’.

California dreamin’
On such a winter’s day


i noticed that today too! weird

if there’s a spell of warm weather early in spring and then you go back to frosty nights the trees reproductive cycle gets all goosed around and they dont make leaves good

also the cold winter probably damaged them

I’ve noticed this. Get leafin’, trees!


The TV remarked upon this just yesterday. Can’t say I’ve noticed. Aren’t they always like this this time of year? Who can say?

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It’s mad leafy around here, leaves on all those arboribastards. Chestnut trees in full leafy splendour, the limes and elms are almost all out, birches are looking good. The oaks are a bit behind, and the beeches too, but otherwise they’re pretty leaftastic. Maybe we’ve just had it a bit more temperate-normal here in the west of the island. It’s been crazy dry recently though, there’s actual cracked earth in the park. But the trees are still looking dece.

Just checking in to say… I’ve noticed this!

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The ombudsman


Yes I did notice this, was actually thinking about it this afternoon, the exact word was “skimpy”

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ryan adams is posting under so many names on here at the moment

Do you think so rly?

This and i was thinking wild garlic had flowered by this time last year


it’s the kind of thing he’d say

Oh wait didn’t realise it was this thread, thought I was reading the Saturday night thread so thought you were being serious and making a general observation

If you have seen any noteworthy trees (with or without foliage) please do post your experience in 's very own tree thread.


Tangential, but one of the things I’ve found myself appreciating more since all the Covid restrictions, while living in a fairly aesthetically grim area of streets after streets of largely faceless, grey, fronting-straight-on-the-street terraced housing, is that the Council has, in fairness, made sure that what few trees they can fit in the odd space are of the blossoming cherry and similar type. The last few weeks have been glorious walking round seeing them all in bloom. The last of them are just going over now, coating the streets in showers of white and pink petals.


Also noticed this. The park I walk through has a load of those cherry blossom things and so far this year, they’ve been quite frankly pathetic. Those bushes that smell a bit like cum haven’t been particularly pungent yet either.

It hasn’t rained for about three weeks here though, so I don’t know whether that’s got anything to do with it.