There's really no need for people to sneeze the way they do sometimes


Like really loud over the top sneezers
I believe its for attention



I sneeze very loudly but do my utmost to stifle it as best I can. It is a hereditary thing I think as my Gran (Zetta, mentioned elsewhere) used to sneeze absolutely ridiculously and it sounded like she was shouting HIROSHIMA which was amusing but also, you know, a lot of people died so…


disregard me, ant


what with the unusual name and killing people with sneezes, you’d think we’d have heard more about this gran of yours…


I agree.


im a loud sneezer. i do it for the irks


Imagine being such a personality void that you go for “loud sneezes” as your thing.


Suppressing a sneeze can cause you to have a brain haemorrhage or stroke or something like that. Happened to a guy who was in my brother’s work (I’m confident that this is not a myth).


Didn’t see Smee’s post when I wrote this but it’s done so I’m going to double down on it:

probably all Brexiteers


She was an amusingly intimidating lady. Used to dry her hair in the oven, sneezed by yelling HIROSHIMA, used to yell “LASSIE, WILL YOU DRY UP” to tell her dog to be quiet, would allow us ten minutes of nonsense directly after dinner before we had to be sensible, bloody loved a mint imperial, was dead into the royal family and had a lot of fairly valuable memorabilia that she threw away after the Diana/Charles divorce “scandal”


Her name is Granzetta




fantastic. absolutely top nanning all round.


Got someone here who definitely has that as a thing.

They’re also the kind of person that just starts really obviously fake lolling to make someone go “what’s so funny?”

you knowwww


I guy I know actually says ‘achoo’ when he sneezes. It’s really fucking weird.


No, it was just Zetta, but I called her Gran because she was my Dad’s Mum and it would’ve been weird to call her by her first name.


I feel like I might grow into being this lady. I love mint imperials. I call them mint imps.


that’s delightfully twee. nice work, meow.


I think it could be Granzetta


You’re gonna have to get pretty heavily into the strict baptist sect of Christianity if you really want to commit to it…