There's too much

Other people touching stuff nowadays, isn’t there?
Like self service stuff. Was in McDonalds and it was all pressing the screens for stuff, then dispensing my own ketchup, then getting my own drink. All those hands. All those unwashed hands.
How do we combat this? Protest?
Sometimes think there’s nothing stopping people just touching all the fruit and veg with dirty hands for kicks or something.
Makes u think dunt it?
*this is not the same as people being weird about towels

I’m not sure it’s any better with tills, the same person handling everyone’s food and money.

It doesn’t matter


Ultimately I think it might be good for our immune systems, to come into contact with lots of grotty unwashed pissy hands and their grimy residues. The people I know who are addicted to hand sanitiser generally always seem to be sick with something or other.

But yes, I do wonder what the staff of macdonalds actually * do* now.
Also citizen m hotels.


I’ve touched 50 Bentleys in the West indies


Yup. Yup. Yup.

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Probably because they don’t wash their hands properly in lieu of using alcohol based sanitiser gels or whatever.

Is it just the Glasgow Citizen M hotel that has a reputation for being a love hotel, or is it the whole chain?

But that’s one person. One source of contamination vs hundreds putting their stuff through the toll on their own. With their filthy digits!

ur a filthy digit


There was something in the paper recently about kids being ill all the time because they’re not exposed to enough germs as babies, which pretty much ties into my theory that (normally office-based) adults who are obsessed with wipes should be stoned to death. STOP FUCKING WIPING EVERYTHING.


What the hell is a love hotel? I daren’t google at work.
We stayed at it weekend before last, and it just seemed like normal folk. And then us. :joy::rofl:

Every surface is wipe-clean for a reason…

(I’ve had three unconnected people tell me they’d avoid the Citizen M in Glasgow because of its reputation)

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the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ is a well established theory that says western cleanliness is mostly responsible for immunological disorders such are asthma, eczema, IBD etc. If you overlay a global map of these diseases over a map of the use sanitisers, bleach etc it’s a pretty neat correlation.

Great thing about kids is all the wet wipes i have about the house. When the kids get older I’m still gonna have packets dotted around the house

riding on that
there’s too much too much too much love


I haven’t heard this in years.

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You’re welcome.

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