Theresa May is coming to Plymouth today to unveil a statue to Nancy Astor

Yes, founder of the Hostile Environment is unveiling a statue to a known antisemite.

Get yourself a milkshake and do us proud, myyada.


Get one for Johnny Mercer too, the odious shitbag.


I’ll be there in an hour. Where’s my crossbow?

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there’s rumours Boris is gonna be there. It’s crazy, all the people involved are low-level Tories…

The unveiling is at 1pm on The Hoe if anyone cares…maybe i will go down.

Hope Boris is going, last time he visited Plymouth he ended up costing Oliver Colville his seat.


oh yeah, haha!

Political Context: We have a great Labour MP defending his seat against a Tory remainer no-name and Anne Widecombe for the Brexit Party. LDs and Green also standing.

Wider Historical Context. The city is beginning its anniversary ‘celebrations’ of the Mayflower leaving and setting America on its course to Trump dystopia. There’s a ‘thanksgiving’ element to today’s shindig.

Theresa May Cry 3: Nancy Astor’s Awakening


Is that Luke Pollard? Seems a good lad.


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The Totnes CLP are throwing a lot of energy into campaigning down there for him. It could be pretty close I think.

the big fight in Plymouth is the Charlotte Holloway vs Johnny Mercer seat.

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And in a way I’m yearning
To be done with all this weighing of the truth
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth and I’m not afraid to die


this is what Holloway is singing to herself every day

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Be funny if the statue fell on her


though he’s just tweeted how proud he is to have instigated this statue nonsense. Doh!

Playing to the undecided crowd I guess.

i’m sure he’s loving the fact it’s become a PR opportunity for the tories during an election campaign.