Would be a great name for a thread if you wanted it populated with heat based statistics.


Fuck off mate.

At my sister’s over Christmas. She has hers set at 23.

Was roasting.

I agree about that.

I have a friend who is an old lady and she WhatsApp’d me to tell me that she’d got one of those thermostats you can control remotely the other day

Over Chrimbo I went to two posh houses both entirely tiled (marbled/whatever) downstairs all with underfloor heating. Unbearable stuff, fucking boiling.

I’m surprised she can use whatsapp!

Did you realise that Scott_Cheg is a pun? I do now.


Hello again Balonz, I have an anecdote about underfloor heating AND thermostats if you’d like to hear it?

I was surprised as well (in fact me expressing my surprise at her having WhatsApp is what led to her bragging about her fancy thermostat in fact, classic Carol!)

Once you have answered my pun based question feel free.

This would also be a great thread title if you wanted pictures of tattoos of thermos flasks.

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I did not realise it was a pun either but now I do and I did a wry grin about it.

My anecdote is thus: My halls at uni were brand new and we were the first people to use them, they had fancy motion detector lights, en-suite bathrooms and, most impressively, underfloor heating! However, mine seemed to always be piping hot despite the fact that I always had the thermostat as low as possible because I don’t like to be too hot, you’ll never guess what the issue was! It turns out they had connected it up wrong so my thermostat was controlling my neighbour’s underfloor heating and her’s was controlling mine! She was freezing and kept cranking mine up inadvertently and I was boiling and kept turning her’s down! What a palaver eh!

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I have a story about mislabelled gas meters but I think we can leave that for another day.

Great thermostat!

I am really looking forward to that! (As I too have a similar tale but about mislabeled electricity meters instead of gas ones)

wait until you find out about @NoahVale

the dial essential cranks up the power

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This is nice

Unfortunately I have previously seen the Two Ronnies

  • og thermostat
  • electric one
  • they have apps now, grandads

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