Theromostat Chat

Place we’re living now doesn’t have a timer on the thermostat. Reckon it should be illegal.

20 celcius when home and awake.
16 celcius when sleeping.


This but 21 & 16

19.0 when awake BUT it gets left upstairs which is a few degrees cooler than downstairs, so downstairs ends up warmer.

I think I’d be more comfortable at 18.0, maybe 18.5 at a push, but it’s not the hill I want to die on.

looking forward to a proper marckeeing here.

He’s typing!!!


Each radiator has a TRV, controlled by a master thermostat set to 18.5 degrees.

During the week the heating comes on from 6.00am-8.00am and 6.00pm-11.00pm if it drops below that 18.5 degrees. At weekends it stays on until 11.00am in the morning. At all other times it is off.

No thermostat cos we have storage heaters :roll_eyes:

Quite need a lie down now

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Make sure you get under the duvet - the heating won’t be on right now.

Is that another pooping euphamism of yours?

No, but it is sometimes a result of them.

Thought you’d invented some sort of Space toilet

Ours has a setting to not let the pipes freeze but NO MORE.

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Don’t have a thermostat but I’ve got a thermometer and humidity reader I bought cheap so am never sure how accurate it is.

I still haven’t had the heating on. It says is always about 16 degrees as the flat doesn’t seem to have many temp fluctuations regardless of the weather (currently 59% humidity fyi)

Turn on a radiator in a room if I want that room to warm up and then turn it off when the room is sufficiently warm

good grief


Thermostat timer comes on at 8am. Completely pointless on a weekday.

(Or: that’s what I get for living with theatre freelancers)

Ours is constantly set to 20. No option to turn it down at night unless I physically do it. It’s located in our hallway, which means when I wake up the bathroom is boiling hot.

It’s currently 14.3 at home but i’m not there. We’ve been wondering how cold it would need to get before we do a midday boost for the cat who may be cold indoors.

  • Always on for The Princess
  • Oh I’d definitely be boosting that mog now
  • Anything below 10 degrees
  • She’s a cat in a fur coat! She’ll be fine (aka i’m a monster/tory)

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Bear in mind my cat is tiny (2.5kg) and is 14!! Would you let your nan sit in the cold? NO.