Listening to Missy, dreamed about moving to Prague



Here’s Noel Edmonds wearing two different shoes


Can’t fucking wait for this week to be over. That’s all.

Going to see Kieran Hodgson again, don’t think Michelle McManus will be there this time

Morning all!

I’m WFH once I get started. I’m waiting for deliveries, drinking coffee and listening to music most of the day.

I’m out to see some music tonight and would like to use public transport to get there but I haven’t quite worked out of it’s viable from the new house.

what music

Have to get a suit dry cleaned today, wash and iron my shirts, book tomorrow off and then it’s SPRINGSTEEN TONIGHT.

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Christmas episode of Bob’s Burgers this morning. Tis the season! Only 223 days to go!

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Nice little gym workout… Writing a paper today then meeting my union rep to see about getting me more money… Then someone is viewing my room so I can try to sublet it when I’m not here.

Today IS the day I will finish my :jigsaw: puzzle. I’ve also got a job interview but the thing I can confidently predict success with is the puzzle.

Seeing the niblings on Saturday so need to decide on a sweet treat to make for them tomorrow :thinking:

  • Cookies :cookie:
  • Cupcakes :cupcake:
  • Something else :cake:
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Morning everyone :wave:

I have washed my hair ahead of getting it cut tomorrow. They wash it while I’m there but I’m always very conscious about what they’ll think of the state of my hair and scalp before they wash it so I had to be extra thorough. Sparkling clean head for Kay. I hope nothing happens like a bird poops on me before tomorrow lunchtime (or ever).

Gonna have avocado toast for breakfast.

Hope u all have a lovely day :blush:


Accepted offer, had offer accepted… moving to the seaside in the summer! Where the streets are paved with pistachio ice cream.


I’ve opened the laptop but it’s never been connected to my new WiFi so needed the code from downstairs.

I’m making a coffee and then definitely getting started.

Good morning

Work this afternoon and then it’s long weekend :partying_face:

Suppose I’d better take the dog for a walk before it rains.

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I saw a squirrel steal some bread off a seagull this morning in the park, the seagull chased after her. Who won?

  • Seagull
  • Squirrel
  • They reached a compromise
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I’m going to that tomorrow


Good morning everyone

Manic day at work yesterday but several deadlines were achieved. My boss high-fived me but said “the hard work starts now”. I will give him the benefit of the doubt but boy is that a clumsy message.

It’s my birthday today. There’s a lunch. There’s a dinner. My son whipped out a birthday card from underneath his pillow with a huge smirk on his face. Made my day; everything else is a bonus!


Day 5/7 for me. I’m quite tired. Got a meeting in Lymington this afternoon. Discussion about watersports and bird disturbance. Dunno what to have for dinner. Classic Thursday.

Happy birthday x

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