These are my favourite hot cross buns


How about you?


FINALLY someone on DiS not talking Britain down.

All power to your elbow Balonz!


That can’t even be CLASSED as a hot cross bun!

I had co-op ones last week. They were a o k


Please don’t be a HCB fascist in here, I implore you.


I’m a great guy because I am not a big Kent* fan but willing to let that pass for the quality of the HCB.

*dickheads at the cricket with all their spitfire bollocks


Hot Cross Buns are not nice to eat


cuntish more like, amirite???


Tim, what the fuck are you doing, man?


The standard Ocado ones are alright. The posh ones they do have far too much orange peel in them.

I did have one last week that only had a line on one bun, rather than a cross though.


I once had a hot cross bun that had a shortbread cross! Can you believe it?


don’t care for Raisins / Sultanas very much

and the cross just reminds me of boredom/ christian guilt at school

I’d rather have an muffin or a crumpet thanks


Hot Cross Buns are a bit shit really arent they


Toasted with butter is the best way to have the

Although my toaster can’t take them and things burn and it’s a whole thing


Plain ones are better. Had some chocolate and orange ones the other week from M&S, not great my friend, not great.

Obviously better toasted but usually can’t be arsed so end up eating them like an apple.



And jam


other shit seasonal food/ drinks

Christmas cake (dried fruit and marzipan)
Christmas pudding (dried fruit)
Mince Pies (dried fruit)
Mulled Wine
Stollen (100% grim ingredients)


As we all know I do not like chocolate and orange as a combo.


ok - would eat one of those


You can have the first two but fucking hell Tim, I think you are getting pretty close to a banning here.