These are the flowers you always see in someone else's front garden when you're walking somewhere


Have you ever sucked on one

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They’re nice.

My mum’s got them in the garden too

Flowers are revered for their beauty and their fragrance.


No. Have you?

Fuschias, aren’t they? Quite nice I think.

You’re right, always used to see these in suburban gardens when I was a kid.


Yes! It’s genuinely a thing… Or at least… Can be done. You tear off the head and then lick the inside for some honey like goodness…

Like a bee.

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My Gran was always banging on about “hydrangeas”

“Ooh, I must nip out and water the hydrangeas”
“Did you see the hydrangeas when you came in?”

Its like, sheesh! Shut up about the fucking hydrangeas already will ya, Gran!


Thanks I did not know this. Turns out they’re edible.

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They make for excellent fortune telling bants when walking past people’s gardens

I used to pretend they were earrings when I was little

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And now you make beautiful rose ones!!!

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That’s not very respectful to your grandmother. Hydrangeas are very interesting - would you like to know some interesting facts about them?

God rest her soul, she loved a hydrangea

Go on then, say your little fact if you must…

I don’t actually know any. I think they might be different colours in different pHs? Might be thinking of something else, though.

I’m sure the Wikipedia entry has some interesting facts in there, though.

Bees are great time-travellers, always going back to the fuchsia


Awesome literary ref as well!

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Fuschias. I hate them for reasons too boring to go into.


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