These explosions in Russia then #SSP

So apparently a munitions factory had an accident 6 hours ago, stuff still exploding up to this one 3 hours ago

various reports - 1 dead, 4 dead, 7 dead

looks more serious than that to me

and this one is extremely frightening

they’re are evacuating 100 000 people

what’s going on here then?

mind your ears if you’re listening on headphones btw

that must have been terrifying!

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honestly can’t imagine anything more terrifying

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That’s pretty chilling.

how often does this kind of thing happen? Amazing I’ve not heard of this kind of thing before considering how many bombs and stuff there are out there

Here’s an article about the largest of these incidents Bam. A fascinating, if grim, read.


probably not that often, but probably a bit more often than we hear about

Hej Kallgeese, why don’t the videos embed here? Did I do something wrong when pasting the urls?

feels odd liking a post of this sort so I will just say wow that is crazy!

They look fine to me? (Chrome on Android) Is it a browser issue I wonder?

Spent a lot of my time reading Wiki while working for Amazon so I learnt all about this stuff. Almost impossible to picture in one’s mind.

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oh, OK

Firefox on OS High Sierra. Just blank boxes after the twitter urls. Nevermind

Oh my goodness, that’s so scary :frowning:

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Hiroshima, as well

At the risk of sounding glib, it’s a bit difficult to conceal a massive explosion. A fully totalitarian state like North Korea might just about manage it, but even there people would know, even if they couldn’t talk about it openly.

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This is terrifying;

Fucking hell, everything in this thread.

Hope to fuck those very very low casualties in the Russian one are accurate but hard to see how they could be :cry:

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Hey guys. I know you’re all careful, but making this a SSP just as a reminder to anyone to be thoughtful/careful on this topic. x

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obviously if it happens in an urban area there’s no hiding it but anywhere there’s a remote facility, a testing site accident, out at sea or under water etc it’s hardly a case for a press release to all the major newsdesks