These new Angel Olsen songs then

Lot more Glam rock and proggy than before, seems like the new album’s aesthetics follow that line too. Thought her previous garagey pop songs were genuine bangers but not sure about these.

Sounds promising to me. But then I really didn’t get on with “My Woman” era AO at all. Sounds like this may not necessarily herald a new direction for AO (shame) but that this is a collection of old material (save for Special, so perhaps - just to contradict myself immediately - that does herald a new direction after all).

From her website:

Phases, out worldwide Nov 10, is a collection of work culled from the past several years, including the new song “Special” recorded during the My Woman sessions, as well as “Fly On Your Wall”- previously available on the bandcamp-only, anti-Trump compilation Our First 100 Days. The collection also features never before heard demos, as well as B-Sides, Rarities, and Covers from various elusive releases throughout the years.

Holy Cow. ‘Special’ is rather marvellous.

Absolutely adore how much of a sprawl Special is!

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Another newie.

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Not really listened to her much before. Very spacey and bluesy, I like it. :+1: HIT :+1:

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I listen to My Woman probably at least twice a week at work. She’s fucking great. Give that album a spin


Will do.

it’s really bugging me where that font comes from too - another 70s easy listening record I have somewhere but I can’t find

Union Chapel gig at the end of April

These went on sale just now and I nabbed mine. Assume it’ll sell out quickly. Available on dice too.