These New Puritans... now in zine form

Saw this on their Instagram. Some new album info in there. No release date, unfortunately, but it sounds like it’s getting closer. :slight_smile:

Also this video was posted on Instagram yesterday. Strings and that.

On reflection, I think These New Puritans might be my favourite band. I’m very excited.


Shit me, that zine looks nice. Also I havent listened to TNP in ages even though, as you say, they’re very much very great.

Very excited for this. Field of Reeds was incredible.

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Oh, there’s also this artist playlist on Spotify from six days ago: TNP Official History.

Surely an announcement can’t be too far off?

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When are this lot going to release some new work?

Fields of Reed was 2013 FFS!!

BTW apologies if anyone thought this was more information…

got excited then


Sorry pal…

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Been thinking about them a fair bit recently. Gonna need to revisit their catalogue. Was absolutely obsessed with them upon hearing the early singles; just listening to Elvis and En Papier over and over again. Thought Beat Pyramid was decent but it didn’t quite live up to expectations. Was absolutely blown away by the sheer scale of Hidden and felt that it sounded like nothing else. Weirdly never really gave Field of Reeds much time even though I’ve only heard good things.


They’ve been posting stuff on Instagram quite consistently for about 18 months I would have thought next year they’d have something out.

Same here actually. I was disappointed with the first listen and then never returned to it. Hidden absolutely blew me away though.

I was quite late getting to it and was like ‘where’s this album been all my life’. I think I was really annoyed that Fields of Reed didn’t sound exactly the same as Hidden.

Think I’ll give it another listen.

Fingers crossed!

New Instagram/Facebook post/story thing says: “hibernation almost over…” and has what could be a shot of album artwork.

I’m going to start getting officially excited now, by listening to their entire discography in order.

TNP and Julia Holter in one year is always a good sign quite honestly

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The new Julia Holter reminded me a bit of TNP, they should collaborate

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I mean…this sounds fucking great



Genuinely just listened to this about six times in a row. <3