These New Puritans... now in zine form


New track on their website



haven’t listened yet. In my head I can hear “into the fire fire fire” from Hidden. Are TNP basically a duo now, then?


Yep, iirc the bio on the old website said Thomas Hein left the band to study computational neuroscience.

Pretty sure Elisa Rodriguez, the other vocalist from Field of Reeds, was in one of their instagram videos recently so wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on the record, but I guess she’s not a full member anymore.


Ach really not that impressed on first listen.


I like this quite a lot


Just realised the 7” isn’t out until end of January.


It’s fine. If it’s one of the best tracks on the album I’ll be disappointed. If it’s one of the most accessible, that’s ok I guess?


I’d assume the latter. The first single from Field of Reeds was probably the most traditionally single-like of the bunch (and is one that grew on me gradually)


Not bad, but definitely sounded better on the instagram!


Underwhelming :confused: Really cookie cutter lyrics and forgettable. And Tibet?? Nah, count me out.


Didn’t realise how much old archive-y stuff they’d put on their website

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