These New Puritans... now in zine form




These New Puritans…now in disappointing DiS form!


These have really grown on me. Sounds wanky but I don’t think they’re that suited to singles? I usually listen to the 2nd and 3rd albums from start to finish, and I think this album will be no different for me.

Also I do like this video a lot:

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I rather like the singles as well - especially in the sense that I don’t think they’re massively suited to singles.


Promo cycle for this album has been far too long


I think that’s unfortunately true - we’ve heard a lot of the (9?) tracks already. I’m definitely liking the sound of it but might have been better with a shorter run up and one single…

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Yeah I’m holding it all till the actual album tbh

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Hadn’t listened to any of the singles beforehand but I love the album at the moment. Just bought a ticket for Thekla and can’t wait, haven’t seen them since they supported The xx in 2010 (I think).

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Weird how this is getting basically no attention. Nice album, though less interesting than the previous two.


There’s been some chat about it in the new releases thread. I really like it, feels like FoR through the prism of Hidden (or vice versa)


I think it might be my favourite record of the year so far.

I know a few people have said it’s a bit of a step back but to my ears it’s a great combination of the previous couple of records.

Also, the main fella has finally learned to sing in a way that suits his voice.


I am deeply in love with it - can imagine it being my AOTY.

That said, it’s perfect for me. Dark, brooding, modern post punk with apocalyptic lyrics and weirdness. Agree with @McGarnagle that the guy’s voice sounds great. I find it a little tricky on the older records.


Beyond Black Suns <3


First spin now. Don’t understand why people aren’t into it? It’s GORGEOUS.


I’m getting so many adverts for this album, it’s weird. proper ones on YouTube too.


These album is fkn great btw

Repeat listens like with all TNP prove rewarding


Saw them in Amsterdam last week, the were absolutely incredible! ‘We Want War’ in particular was stunningly brutal.

I also interviewed them before the gig as well. They were both really nice and funny, they even offered me a Milky Way which I had to turn down because I’m vegan and hate myself.

(JAG and that)


I wish they were playing near me! And I want a Milky Way now

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Looking forward to seeing them tonight in manc. Anyone else going? @incandenza