These photos of Irish shop fronts are lovely stuff



Yep. Those are nice. I’d walk into those shops just out of curiosity because they’re nice from the outside.


I like his store fronts more than his music


Enjoyed that. Thanks


Oh! I’ve got a key cut in that place Frank’s before!!!


Gonna wait for kallgeese to get here to let us know if these are good or not before I enjoy them


I bestow my blessings upon this thread.


have you been searching your name to find this? :smiley:


Nope, it just popped up in Suggested Topics at the end of the page and I had a look in!


aye i like these. here’s one in Carlingford i enjoy


here are some of my favourite pub frontages in Dublin (think these are the more traditional ones rather than the more deliberate tourist trap replicas)



i’ve been past it on the bus but never been in it, just stared in wonder.