You can, but you’d be paying a heck of a premium if you do that.

I was being meta, sorry.


My friend had to get to Edinburgh last week at last minute (bereavement) and flying was a cheaper option. I know this isn’t an original or even lukewarm take but trains in this country are such a joke.



I generally just use Nationalrail. I did want to go to Liverpool v Palace in a few weeks, but as they TV games hadn’t been announced I left it, and the prices over doubled once the TV games had been announced. The game wasn’t moved for TV, so I should have taken the punt.

There are websites, that can split your journey into multiple separate tickets to save money, if you can be bothered with the hassle.

Aye, this was what I was wondering. Like at the minute the route I need for Sep 30th is all uniform prices for every journey that day so I’m assuming they’re placeholders or something and that the actual ‘advance rate’ ones will come up at some point soon?

Most operators have released their advance tickets up until the end of October already (see the link upthread). End of September advance tickets have probably gone already.

The Money Saving Expert site has a good page on train fares, including best sites to book them on plus a useful split ticket tool:

Also, the other reason why tickets are occasionally left at standard prices beyond the usual 12 week discount point is because track repairs/closures might not be confirmed by that point meaning the train specific fares can’t be offered…

Bollocks. Alright, cheers :+1:

If you set a reminder on Trainline then you’ll always get the best deals.

Source: just organised a Stag Do for 20 men.

Ah, might have know markee would have already told you this.

I HATE booking trains for away games. Such a faff.


Not always available for all journeys… If it’s a long journey it might be worth splitting it into parts.

Like for me it’s cheaper to book Birmingham to [wherever], and pay a couple of quid for a ticket from my local station to Brum than to book the whole journey like.

This website is quite useful for that sort of thing

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Indy man beer con?

Utd Palace, rare 3pm KOs = extremely pricey fucking trains innit.

It’s my birthday and I’m at Indy man. You can leave me a pint behind the bar somewhere in town.

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You going with anyone? If so you could get a Two Together rail card, and you get a third off. The season before last I got one and it paid itself back with one away game, I did quite a few away games that season so saved a lot.

On top of this Tone, if you’ve got an annual gold card or a travel loan from work then you can get a two together railcard for 10 sniffs rather than 30.

Aye, was thinking that. Does it have to be with the same person every time though? Also is there not a version that gives you a third off for other travellers in the same way a network gold card does?

Has to be the same person, you get a card with both your photos on.

But if the tickets are expensive enough even buying it for a one-off use can be worth it.