Theve (the eve of Thursday)

Hi how are you


Full from Indian veggie takeaway. I’m a bit paneer fan.


Off to work. Walking longer way to work as my 5 year old has found Pokémon Go and wants me to pick up some pokeballs on the way.

  • Father of the year
  • Haha YOU are playing Pokemon Go
  • This is a violation of lockdown
  • Pokemon Go was sooooooooo years ago

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Add your code to here and we’ll all add you and be Pokemon fwiends

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Alright? Sunday night for me so gonna have some beers and try not to get the dread. Had a really nice day lounging around listening to records and playing football manager (me) and sim city (wife).


Evening tilts. Another nothing of a day, I have zero energy for anything anymore. Trying to summon up the enthusiasm to go out for a walk. Maybe pizza for tea.

takeaway for tea. haven’t decided what yet. think the TV wants Chinese, eh

Just smashed a pizza, drinking a beer and it’s a public holiday tomorrow. A-ok.

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pasta + homemade pesto
zoom quiz with family (really cba, amazing how quick this went from being novel to now just urgh)
streets of rage

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Had a paneer and spinach cuzza for dinner.
Was v good

Waiting for Mary Beard’s lockdown programme at 7 then who knows…might have a Thursday wine.


Listening to :airplane: :jeans: :coat: really odd that such a silly band actually made some great, great music. It would have been my Grandad’s birthday today, and I’ve just realised in writing this post, we listened to this album on the way to what was the last time I saw him, when I introduced him to m’gnome.


Had cheese on toast for dinner, with olives, hummus under the cheese, some paprika and Worcester. Basically everything I had went on or in it.

I have nothing sweet and I want something sweet.

Going to do some major development work in animal crossing tonight


Airplane jeans coat?


Tea - done
The Bridge s1e5 - done
Walk - to be completed
Washing up - to be completed
Coffee & doughnut - to be completed
Choose and watch more film/TV - to be completed

yaaaaassssss :+1:

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:red_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle:


I know I know!!!

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Big Theve

Yeah, not bad thanks. At work, but not bad.
It’s got to that point where I’m looking forward to not being at work now though

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well i think i might have a wee swally :slight_smile:


Heating up some leftover Thai curry for dinner. Unsure if we’ve got a lime in or of it’s an ill lemon, but I guess I’ll soon find out.

Cba going for a walk. Stressful work day cleaning up someone else’s shit.