Hi there! Fully expecting to be usurped while writing this.

Really miserable and rainy weather here, perfectly in keeping with it being my Sunday night. Had a late lunch of battered prawns, calamari and fries so tea will probably be some kind of elaborate sandwich in a while. Not much else to report. Got some new socks, s’about it.



Hey guys. Today was a total washout. Got some beer in and gonna cook up this marinated halloumi with cous cous and salad. Aubergine and saffron rice for another day.

Looking forward to making some quiches this Spring/Summer :hugs:

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I can’t wait to see The Professor’s response to Chrorizo Quiche.


How hard is it to do? Always fancied making one but never got round to it.



11th day of work in a row.

Off to see Lords of Chaos

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Hey gang! I’ve just gotten home. Went for a coffee and then a pizza after work with an old friend that I don’t see nearly often enough, and she told me she’s pregnant so I’m going to be an auntie once more :heart:

Not much to report besides that. It’s lovely and spring-y outside and I really need to go to bed early tonight, was so knackered today I had to sneak in a power nap.


Just ate a burrito at the bus stop #lad. Off to band practice and a couple cheeky beers wi’ lads. Oi oi.

Absolutely crackered. Been working non stop since 9 this morning and have another class finishing at 10:30 fuckkkk

Hung out with my nephews for an hour. Funny wee men.
Suns kinda out so popped out for a beer.

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It’s basically a baked omelette with a pastry base. You need to blind bake the pastry, but it’s not rocket science.

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Gf told me she’s going out to a “beatboxing workshop”. Apparently laughing in her face was NOT the response she was looking for.

I’ve got about 400 cards to alphabetise. Genuinely pleased.



WFH tomorrow so it feels like Friday night kinda. Something from M&S for dinner, but I haven’t been told what.

Got a PT session at the gym. Then got to do some prep for a site visit tomorrow- I’m getting to leave the flat - woohoo!

@anon19035908 - this is my go to quiche recipe - indulgant but delicious

(But obviously I use shop made pastry)

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Feeling a bit emo this afternoon/evening. Had a little cry earlier and I’m not really sure why. Bit exhausted. Nevermind, I’m probably just hungry.

Been listening to Allie X while making lentil bolognse. Why isn’t Allie X huge?! Banger after sad banger after banger.

Now time for Lorde and a bit of Carcassone. Might have a cheeky smoke.

Just said ‘scuse me please’ to Winnie as if she’s people.

Soup?! Soup is for Autumn and Winter.
Spring is the greatest season though, yes.

Don’t think I’m going to manage this deadline m9s. Have run out of inspiration completely and 7k words to write and make sense of, plus a genesis essay to write alongside it, by tomorrow night.

Please please send help/ghost writers.

Thanks! Looks pretty good, I’ll give it a bash. It’s 2019, who’s making pastry these days*

*I don’t actually need to know, thanks.