They ain't no DiS Band


Artists you love but DiS generally doesn’t:

Me, The Damned, always loved them, always will. Here they are with a Television bashing truly lost classic…


Probably too many to list. :slight_smile:

I’m sure the board will discover them in due course.


Please could you give me two examples?


The Beatles


Just did a search, about 10 Beatles threads and 3 Coldplay ones


Damn. I was trying to “dare to be different”. Being one of the crowd is no fun.
I haven’t been a member long enough to know what’s considered cool and what’s not.

I’ll keep trying:

  • The Eagles (but only a couple of the early albums)
  • George Michael


Have you searched for those band names in the search bar at the top there? This isn’t lmgtfy


Kpop ones, don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone other than PM talk about them on here


Not knowing what “lmgtfy” is, I can’t say whether you are right or wrong.


lmg lmgtfy fy


This is fun.


Bloody love Little Feat and their funky southern rock chooglin


Some folk bands that you may get hear on Radio 2…Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, The Young’uns, Lankum, Harp and a Monkey (the yearly "BBC Radio 2 folk awards CD is a great goldmine).

There are some crossover acts, like Richard Dawson, Sam Amidon and The Unthanks…but generally it’s a very unfashionable genre.


Let me Google that for you


Black Moth Super Rainbow. The search function throws up 6 mentions; 3 of those from me.


Bought and enjoyed a Tobacco solo record back when it got a good review on here.


Lankum are good. Don’t know the others. I’m partial to a bit of folk myself, though some of it can turn out a bit bland



It occurred to me the other day that @deep-blue would get well into Furniteur.


Always loved this one.