They ain't no DiS Band

Band im certain dis hates but I quite like: Cat Empire. Fight me

Ooh, good call! They’re shit!


Thats too many shit bands to like. Pick one or two and it will make you look charming. This just ends up looking like you have bad taste (according to dis norms)

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Re Led Zep: I can’t be bothered trawling through this forum to try and gauge the majority opinion. However it’s been my observation on a number of forums over the years that Led Zeppelin have gone from being considered the coolest band ever to being roundly criticised, and even despised by many people.

Much of the criticism seems to stem from their failure to give credit where credit was due in their use of old blues material, eg. Leadbelly for “Whole Lotta Love”. I’m not going to defend them on that issue, but on the credit side of the ledger they were responsible for redefining the boundaries of what rock music could be. The idea of having headbanging music on the same album as quiet folky pieces like “Stairway to Heaven” and “Battle of Evermore” made them stand out as artists with imagination, as opposed to a band sticking with a tried and true formula. The first time i heard them I knew they were going to be huge, and I don’t
recall having that feeling again until years later when I heard “Epic” by Faith No More.

So I don’t know whether of not Led Zeppelin are a DiS band, but if not, they bloody well should be.



was listening to The Damned today

I’ll support you on Cat Empire. I will say they have to be seen live to properly appreciate them. Their albums are … mmm, a little bit samey, with a few outstanding tracks. Live, the spirit of the songs comes across much better.

I realized I forgot to include Bush on the list. I just have shit taste.

That’s fair. They’ve never personally clicked for me (aside from a few songs), but I understand what a big deal they were and why so many people love them. There’s always been something missing for me - always felt like good musicians writing alright music (with some great songs thrown in) that was easily eclipsed by bands 20 years later.

I equated them with STP because of the stealing thing and the influence. Stone Temple Pilots were (and still are by many) considered to be ripoff artists, which I’ve always found to be absolutely preposterous. And then LZ actually did steal music but they somehow get a widespread pass for it. Plus in defending Led Zeppelin, a lot of people say that they evolved from their original style, which is exactly what STP did too - they were very creative and always changed from album to album (the difference between Purple and Tiny Music is especially striking). The LZ influence is definitely there in STP, but I’ve always thought the latter were much, much, much better songwriters but are certainly viewed as vastly inferior to LZ. The DeLeo brothers were monsters at their peaks - I’ve always felt like they’ve never gotten proper respect, but if they had played in the 70s they’d be held up with the legends from that decade. I could be wrong, but I’ve gotten the sense that they aren’t highly regarded here, especially in comparison to some of the other big bands of that era, and I don’t quite understand why. They could do it all.

Four good albums and still better live shows than most.

It’s the yarling. The teeth-clenchingly god awful yarling.

Is there a more DiS thing than saying I like a band most people on DiS don’t like but only their early stuff?

No yarling here!

Adam and the Ants. Yeah, I know, KotWF and PC are massively uuhhgg. But Dirk Wears White Sox has always been a favourite of mine. Here’s Tabletalk …


I’d say KOTWF is actually really good, a gateway album.

Babe I’m Going to Leave You …what a song.

I even like “D’Ya Make Her”, which is definitely not a fan favourite.