"They don't take their shits together"


How do you feel about doing a poo in the same room (preferably the toilet) as your banbeano, or you being in the room while they curl one out?

It’s a hard no for me. Bathroom time is ALONE TIME.

If you don’t have a banbeano at the moment, you can contribute by replacing them in this scenario with a beloved pet or parent.


The door stays open for pisses and is firmly closed for poos.


Used to shit with my son in the room but he says it stinks too much so that is now over.


No barring exceptional circumstances. If they/I need to rush in and grab something from the bathroom while shitting’s in progress a pretty good reason is needed (door is closed but not locked)


why do you keep saying banbeano?



Mrs CCB has never been in the same room as me when I’ve had a poo, no.

My daughters, however, have both walked in. They are no respecters of a closed door.



lock the door


Hang on, original source:


We do have a lock on the bathroom door but it’s really stiff and unreliable. If we’ve got guests then I’ll lock the door though.


oh god that thread, totally forgot about that and there’s loads of bits missing from it now


No, door always stays firmly shut. Though our bathroom door is top to floor blurry glass with only a thin bit of blue fabric blurring it further so we might as well have the door wide open for all the good it does. I think it makes guests a bit nervous :slight_smile:

My friend was telling me about an old flatmate of hers who would take exceptionally long baths, she’d take a cheese board in with her :joy: watch a film… and she would leave the door open for whoever to use the toilet as they pleased whilst she sudded herself.


I will never do a poo in your bathroom.


The door also doesn’t lock. The only door that locks in our flat apart from the front door is the boxroom. Please don’t poo in my boxroom.


I don’t see that you’ve given me any other choice.


Why would you have any doors that lock (other than bathroom)? Unless you are a student.


I would not poo in the same room as my boyfriend out of choice.

We did stay in a caravan in Austin where the toilet was in a cupboard. I did a poo in there whilst he was sleeping and the smell woke him up :frowning:


We don’t bother to shut the door (just push it to), but neither of us would walk in on the other.

Going to the loo while the other is in the bath or shower is just out of the question.


How does that work? The force of the Epimers versus the opposing force of blurred glass-induced stagefright? What will win?


Whichever wins, that box room loses.