They Know Where You Are

Has there been a thread about this kind of stuff already?

If only there was some way to find out. :wink:

I live in Norwich but I went to Peterborough on Saturday for an evening of drinking and dancing. I had a blast by the way.

Since then I keep getting communication via email and text from the Labour Party asking me to lend a hand with campaigning in Peterborough and I don’t remember telling Jezza I was off there for the night.

Obviously Google knows where I go because I’ve got location services turned on in my phone - so, they just tell the Labour party where I am now? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.

Cool story bro etc.

What privacy outrages have you noticed recently?

I just got an email from Labour to help them campaign in Peterborough as well…

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Think it’s just cos there’s a by-election there.


Funnily enough I had an anxiety dream last night where I was using a self service checkout in a shop and it started announcing my name, job, personal details and various criticisms about my life really loudly while everyone stared at me. Vision of the future, there.

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I also keep getting targeted ads for a gym across the road from a pub I go to, which I think is quite sweet, really.

Oh, so it might just be a complete coincidence then?


In that case, stand down everyone.

Sorry to have alarmed you.


Long story here but basically listening in to conversation and then sending targeted ads.

Went for dinner with my girlfriend last Saturday. Set menu. I have a nut allergy so all my dishes came without nuts. We get to dessert and it’s a bit of fancy ice cream with custard and they’ve included the classic wafer ice cream cone. As we’re eating it my girlfriend notices there’s something rattling inside her cone, I shake mine and there’s nothing. Turns out there were pistachios in hers but she decides to joke and say (very tongue in cheek may I add) “ohmygawd is it an engagement ring!!?!?” we have a laugh, no harm done.

Half hour later she checks her phone and starts getting sponsored ads from jewellers on her timeline. Specifically for ENGAGEMENT RINGS.

Haha everybody look at saps

What’s that twat done now?


They have your locations (restaurant) know your age bracket and marital status, that alone would be enough for a targeted engagement ring ad

Just keep an eye on any other by-elections happening in places shortly after you have a night out there. They may be linked.


Good idea.

Mate, as if. She’s getting the full flash mob treatment she deserves when I pop the question.

(probably won’t though eh)

Can we all be involved?

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I wonder how far away from me a by-election has to be before they don’t contact me.


I bet you’re all dead envious you don’t get texts from John.

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A DiS flashmob? :thinking: would it be Radiohead or The National?

I was in Estonia for two weeks and now only get Estonian adverts on my phone. It’s much easier to deal with targeted advertising when it appears as a mass of unintelligible vowels.

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Can’t work out if I’m too boring or just don’t notice this shit. Hmm.