They obviously get it back through higher prices

but the aisle width in a big Sainsers is luxurious. If there was a group of you, you could walk up an aisle 5 or 6 abreast, including baskets.

Not just the central aisle, I’m talking your canned goods, your soft drinks, your frozen items aisles.


My mum said this the other day. Not in those exact words, would be weirded out right now if so.

The bit between the aisles and the back of the shop. You got more room there too.

They must be working out the square footage they need, then doubling it

One of the local Sainsbo’s has quite narrow aisles. And also has the supports for the roof in the middle of some of them.

Heaton Park is easily 6 trolleys wide. One in Oldham is quite narrow.

Small ones are a total lottery, yeah. Layout different in each one.

The big Sainsbury’s in King’s Lynn is like that too. Only thing is that you can’t easily track back on yourself if (for example) you’ve forgotten to buy Demerara sugar and you’re at the till, because it’s about 1/4 a mile away


Waitrose has one aisle per shop and it’s the whole width of a football pitch

The Tesco Express on Gordon Street where the Co-op used to be has the narrowest aisles I’ve ever experienced.

Remember having to go down the supermarket aisles in a one-way system during the early months of the pandemic :worried:

fucking hell I have memory-holed so much of that time




I sometimes end up in the one at the other side of the station (next to Pizza Crolla) at lunchtime and it’s a nightmare

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Yeah was gonna say this, that one feels tighter. And for some reason half the automatic tills are usually out of order

a small confession

i never obeyed the one way system.

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  • i respected the one way system
  • i did not respect it
  • wasn’t on supermarket book pal
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Not only did I respect the one way system, but I internally freaked out and lost my mind and was convinced death was impending for the whole shop, while maintaining an exterior facade of unbothered calmness, if somebody disobeyed it.


One of my favourite things is to disrespect the one way system in car parks, like hell am I going to respect it in a shop

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