They only bleedin sell that IKEA dime cake in asda!!

Bloody hell! I’m having some of that


Curly-Wurly Cake

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Quite easy to find in lots of shops here, maybe there’s more demand in South Manchester. I don’t know if it was always rank but ikea gave it novelty, or if its a recent thing…but yeah, i did not enjoy it last time.

It’s a good cake I like that cake

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you know what they say, you gotta spend a dime cake to make a dime cake

Can’t make a Dime cake without breaking a twenty


Items available in the IKEA cafe is a cultural reference point I have no connection to

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60p hot dogs

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Is it an Ikea thing? My parents eat it and they always just get it in the supermarket.

Gone with this:

1/4 of a dime cake and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. But can you guess the flavour?



Scoffed it now. The worst thing is I had a tub of Ben and Jerry’s last night too

worthy of the big lads gallery this

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Phish food.


Yesterday it was half baked with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cookie dough and chocolate brownie

Not a fan of that one. Don’t like the marshmallow…
I respect someone just committing to eating the whole tub straight from the off though. No messing about.

It’s the marshmallow that makes it for me, it’s basically liquid which is a turn up for the books as far as marshmallow is usually concerned.

On the eating it in one go thing, does anyone have it in several bits? Surely it’s a one portion serving?

you need to work on your plating

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Been selling it in trose and sainos for years.