They say there's no such thing as a perfect photograph...

…explain this one I’ve just seen on Facebook then, squares.


Yeah I’d fancy some crisps after looking at that haha

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What they don’t tell you is you can’t leave without clearing all the cider and the entire jar of mustard/pickle.

Why are you saying that like it’s a problem.

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I can’t explain it

Waiter, excuse me, is this the ploughman’s lunch?

It might be, I’ll check with him


Would smash

This is best enjoyed

  • Indoors at the pub
  • Pub patio
  • Picnic
  • Indoors at home
  • Home garden patio

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Would like a better selection of cheese but I wouldn’t say no


Yeah the cheese is letting it down badly

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Annoying me the way it’s been cut as well

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Yep I want big chunks I can cut myself as needed. And there better be a fucking blue

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Just drink your Old Rosie and stop whining

Dry bread :neutral_face:

I assumed the butter was being brought out after the photo


I don’t like cider but that’s a personal thing rather than something wrong with the board.

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Think the salami is out of place. Take that out, replace it with some proper thick cut ham, also would add an apple and a few grapes.

The Branston makes this. FACT.