They say Thursday is the new Friday (OFFICIAL Daily Thread)

Congratulations Kermy! This is awesome :grinning:



The church near us cut back all their trees two weeks ago and utterly butchered them. I am so fucking angry at them, they were the nicest thing around and now the areas looks worse without them.



Did they put em in a tree museum?

love day drunk, right up there with early evening drunk, night time drunk, wee small hours drunk, next day drunk, train drunk, boat drunk, plane drunk, gig drunk, wedding drunk, hotel bar drunk, holiday drunk, festival drunk and bank holiday drunk.


*bloody-mary drunk.


Nice clean mirror in your new place, is it

Congrats :tada::tada::tada:

Wait outside a shop and steal one that someone ties up outside

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That comes under next day drunk :grinning::wink:

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Could end in more potential You’ve Been Framed footage though…:thinking:


First time I met him we were swigging whiskey on the streets of Dublin within an hour!


And you’re my hero Kerms. And yes, let’s never meet! :joy::grinning::wink:

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Where bounce you livin now hun?

I don’t get the reference I am afraid :frowning:

They have gone more for brutally dismember:

(annoyingly, the trees in the foreground in next door’s garden are probably the only ones which should go as they must make it really dark in their flat)

That is a real shame :frowning:

Lyrics to Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

seems pretty relevant

Ooh looked for her tour a while ago and it wasn’t out yet, so thanks for the reminder! Getting a nice gig-heavy end to the year

Ah ffs nearly sold out already! And all seated? Is that the same for the one you’re going to?

This has just come up on my FB. Incredible stuff. Also what ‘bar manager’ works 2 nights a week!

Wasn’t paradise in any sense, but yep that might be very fitting :frowning:

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