They should make cars that are see-through

Yeah I didn’t know what you meant by Reebok & Nike tbh, I knew the other bit.

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I listened to it twelve days ago

You’d get to see people itching their crotches


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Nice imagery

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Woah, had no idea that Heather Small was responsible for the rerecorded vocals on Ride On Time

Its an unconfirmed rumour

It’s on Wikipedia, Ant

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They should make planes fully out of the black box then you’d always get your ride right on time!!


(This isn’t what this thread is supposed to be about but given its gone in this direction I should be transparent (ha!) about the fact that one of my christmas day traditions is not being able to get out of bed until we’ve listened and watched the video to Ride On Time by Black Box. Cheers)


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they should make a car that’s a big clock and you sit on top of it so you can ‘Ride on Time’ by Black Box

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