they should make t-shirts that are like a different design on the inside so you can wear them inside out

you know they should do this

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half the t-shirts bought, half the capitalism!

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There was a daft bit a while ago when there were quite a few reversible football shirts

They do, they’re called reversible t-shirts. I googled to try to find some but it came up with those reversible sequin ones and

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Reversible jackets are still quite a big thing, even if reversible t-shirts aren’t much these days.

Our school games top used to be reversible, with one side having a stripe on it so you could play in teams without needing bibs.

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Actually, the second most recent jacket I purchased turned out to be reversible!

That sounds like the future!

It’s made little to no difference to my life beyond occasionally putting something in the pocket of the internal side for safekeeping.

My brother used to have one as a kid. Blue with grey piping on one side, and grey with blue piping on the other.

Wow, what are the odds

Were you each designated a side that you had to wear exclusively?

EDIT: This question came from my desire to believe that it was a shared jacket. Please pretend that this was the case even if it wasn’t.

thanks for the education guys x




I used to have a reversible jacket

  • It was rowdy
  • I’m lying
  • I wish i had had one
  • Maybe it was my mums?

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my pal wears her plain black jumper inside out sometimes

Imagine how fresh that must look once the outside has faded slightly more. I mean, i guess you don’t have to imagine it, you’ve likely experienced that, maybe without even noticing.