They’ve changed the colours on Google maps

That’s it really

(Why are they all obsessed with changing things all the time)

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To get you talking about it

Looks the same on mine, what’s changed?

Bodies of water green, and fields are blue, like salt & vinegar crisps?

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Don’t like it :disappointed:

The green has gone mad

Can you post a screenshot? I don’t think anything has changed for me

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Gonna stand around till 2012AD, what are you waiting for?

Yeah, don’t like it

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still cannot beleive we let them turn motorways yellow all those years back, the fuckers

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I like it - reflects the cooling caused by the changing of seasons from not quite autumn to not quite autumn

Don’t like how motorways are much more prominent than borders between countries

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Think mine still looks the same


Very Tranmere Rovers colours, maybe they have become the true kings of Merseyside football :sweat_smile: