They're reprinting that classic Usborne book of Ghosts

Don’t care if it’s buried in a daily thread or whatever, sorry

I had it along with the UFO and Monsters ones. Love them but actually I gave them away to charity when I dug them up maybe 5 years back. Wasn’t as taken by them when I flicked through.

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I’d rather have some toast


Vaguely remember that but it didnt terrify me half as this:

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I just remember it for Gef the Ghost Mongoose

idk if i’ve read this but it reminds me of these kinds of books my auntie used to give me


there were others like …evil men, …serial killers, …weird mysteries, etc. but that ghost one used to scare the hell out of me, particularly the amityville, berkely square and borley rectory chapters.

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Who gives a shit

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1200 signatories to the petition, apparently.

Have to say I’m surprised that’s enough for it to be seen as financially viable.

If everyone who signed the petition bought the book (big IF), that would be a reasonable number of sales for a reprint of a book, one with presumably with no new content.

These three were the ones for me:

image image image

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Yeah seems to be playing the odds pretty strongly.

Wow Usborne with a U and everything

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I had the Usborne Guide to the Supernatural World - absolutely loved that book

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Aye, had all of them too, Spycraft one as well
the black shuck picture used to scare the shit out of me as a kid

I’ve had a lifelong love of Greek myths and legends thanks to this book:


Usborne’s Anna Howorth, who spearheaded the campaign, says…

So this is all just drummed up by the publisher themselves? Top marketing, you love to see it.

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I had the three individual guides that made that one, yeah

For anyone who was s fan of the Borley Rectory section of this book, there is a pretty unique screen adaptation of it…

Caveat: there’s also what looks like a hokey as fuck version of it coming out imminently, so maybe avoid that :unamused:

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