They've missed my bin!

When you think about it’s kind of amazing that bins get collected mostly trouble free every week. What did people do before that? Just chuck it all in a big heap just outside of town probably

I imagine there was a lot less rubbish without all the products and packaging we have now, so they just kept their rubbish in a pocket until they were near a bin

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or maybe they invented the pocket due to an increase in packaging :thinking:

good chat this

Also I think more people had open fires in their home or garden and there was a lot less plastic so maybe they burnt whatever wouldn’t fit in a pocket.

Pocket What You Cannot Burn will be the name of my next album btw.

I know they threw their poo and wee out of the window onto the street. Presumably some poor folks still had to go around and collect all that up, or maybe they just let rats and flies take care of it

In my head, they swilled the street with buckets of water. Not sure if that was real though.

Doubt they’d want to waste the water in those days when you had to fetch it from a well. Could be right though.

Any medieval experts here?

What a great #BinWeek thread!


I know, I know it’s serious


You only get maggots if you miss a weekly collection and they’re in there for two weeks as I believe it takes longer than a week for fly eggs to hatch.

We had a fox that recently figured out how to unlock the bin and helped himself every night, so we now have to put a brick on the lid. He hasn’t figured that one out yet, ha!

bin update: my recycling finally got collected yesterday (Friday), 2 days late. done before the weekend at least.



this might be my fault, sorry.

We don’t get free green bags down here!! but gfs mum gets loads (sackfuls) of free ones from Antrim council and gives them to us. so they’re all here.

you bastard

(i’m Belfast City Council so you get away with this one)

do you have the shit multi-storey bin with all different compartments?

nah just a couple of recycling boxes and a little green food bin

bin update:

from the looks of it, about half my street didn’t bother putting out their recycling bins last night/this morning because they’ve been one to two days late collecting them for the last few weeks. i had little faith but put them out anyway just in case. didn’t hear them coming this morning but surprisingly, they have been emptied on time! and even more surprisingly, THEY FINALLY GAVE ME SOME FOOD BAGS!


Forgot to put the food bin out last night didn’t I? BUT… *PLOT TWIST * I woke up early and did it *Applause, crowd goes wild, sobbing, flowers thrown on stage *


Just dropped the ol recycling bin out

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Reckon if you worked at the dump saying “this place is a tip” would be some quality banter