Hello! What are people up to today? My flowers for my mum arrived and she’s really chuffed, so glad I got her some! :bouquet:


Yo what up! Turns out I didn’t just dislocate my elbow yesterday, but have instead given myself a displaced capitellum fracture and a likely surgery in the near future. Woo. On the plus, I got a box of codeine and I think I can still work just about. Ah well.

Morning 'lingers et al!

I’m remotely running classes between 9.15am and 9.30pm. I might go for some walk if I can talk The Child into it. We might make carrot burgers for tea but maybe not.

Wor Lass tried to put the Edinburgh Zoo livestream on for The Child but all the animals were asleep so we’re watching funny panda videos instead.


I feel for you - my elbow fracture was very inconvenient and sore, and I didn’t need surgery.

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Bloody hell, how did you manage that?

Really hope that you get it sorted soon, and that it’s not too painful in the meantime.


It is deeply unpleasant - I had to huff so much gas and air to even be able to get it into position for the cast, and even then it was so painful I was making a noise like you’d get if you punched a cow in the side

@weeber I was teaching our daughter to skateboard - I was too tired and hadn’t eaten enough and just got unlucky, fell and landed on my arm stretched out completely straight


Going to work.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Had horrific nightmares. first one I was running a festival and loads of people were killed in an accident. Second One involved the French gendarme just opening fire on the French people and I was in the middle of it trying to form some sort of resistance.


That’s horrible :frowning: if it makes you feel any better you were in my dream and we were drunk as hell having a great time x


Can I come and stay in your dreams please xxx

I had a weird dream that somehow we’d bought a new house that was massive, and had loads of hidden rooms everywhere. It had been empty for a while and we were trying to figure out how long from the best before dates on food found in the freezer. Reckon it probably means that I want to both adhere to lockdown and want more space to stay at home.

Anyway, just a half day at work for me today, because I need to take the cat to the vet this morning. I’m wincing from the bill already :confused:


Going into the office for a couple of hours today. Strange to be walking somewhere and having to be there for a certain time.

My sunday today, not got much to do, might just play Football Manager and eat crisps all day.


Is this post sponsored by @anon5266188


well, it IS Thursday.


Some of my work is being redistributed to another person as I’ve too much on, which is a relief tbh. Haven’t been able to properly focus on anything this week, despite actually getting quite a bit of stuff done.

I’m engaged in small talk with someone on OkC at the mo and I’m coming across as really boring because I’m too scared to blurt out I THINK YOU’RE REALLY BEAUTIFUL PLEASE ALLOW ME TO DAYDREAM ABOUT BEING WITHIN 2 METRES OF YOUR NICE FACE


This is an unauthorised post

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expecting a couple of deliveries today for him indoors’ birthday next week

really really need to do some work today but… i dunno :thinking:

will go out for a bike ride this evening