'Thin-skinned Millennials need a spanking'

Well, I’m convinced. Conscription now!


that’s never going to be a good start to a sentence


I saw some thin-skinned millennial SJW’s twitter biog the other day which said ‘she/her (cis)’. To the gulag (for a spanking).

Sam Kiley should check his privilege. He’s a white, upper class, public-school son of a colonialist, who quit his commissioned officer post in the army after less than two years so that he could continue his studies at Oxford.

Marc ‘Wikipedia’ Kee strikes again!

Bit weird for Sky News to lament there not being enough dead policemen and soldiers.

Ideally there would be so many killed each day that we wouldn’t bat an eyelid, even if they were murdered in front of us as we try to go to the shops.


If only millennials were not such pacifists, maybe we’d have more policemen dying…

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His Wikipedia page is pretty interesting actually - shot in Lesotho in 1998, kidnapped and almost executed in Iraq in 2003, some other stuff…

Marckee has said he should check his privilege. The discussion is over.

Fair enough :+1:

In that case I’ll just anecdotally add that I used to play rugby against Dulwich College fairly regularly and they didn’t have a 3rd XV back then - the whole article is a bit Johann Hari for me as a result…

There’s a quirky undercurrent of repressed sadomasochism tinged with fetishisation of citizens of the former colonies running thru that article. It’s pretty clear the author went to public school. No wonder he wants national service brought back. The lads packed tight four to a bunk, nothing but a biscuit and candle wax to keep them amused, sodden crumpet between the cheeks, etc.

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Not really a farmer’s job to fill in potholes anyway

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It is if they’re a pot farmer.

@anon29812515 ?

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East Anglian farmer mates




Can you corroborate the story about fecklessness?