Thing to get annoyed about today - 20/09/2017


Our PG Tips teabags are now Tetley. Not keen. Smells a bit like fish.

(£50 a night all-inc and a wedding / knees up sounds alright tbh)

Obviously the concept of paying for someone else’s wedding is shite, but £150 for a 3 night all-inclusive stay seems cheaper than what you’d pay if you were staying that long for a wedding anyway?


Not clicking the link because I don’t hate myself but this seems fine



Have you seen his forum title?

Not sure why people would get that annoyed about it, considering:

  • people get asked to shell out two or three times that amount for the cost of a stag/hen weekend;
  • you’re probably looking at £150 for hotel and drinks for a lot of weddings
  • people are always asking for cash gifts at weddings these days (to pay for the honeymoon or whatever).

Probably a bit shit if you live locally and are hard-up but hey.

Because needs discussion points to get us through the day.

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I think I’m in the camp of have the wedding you can afford.


Yeah. I’m not a fan of expecting your guests to pay to stay somewhere to attend your wedding, but £150 is lower than what lots of people effectively oblige others to spend.

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They’re asking people to go on holiday with them. I’d be up for it personally, spending 3 nights on holiday and celebrating a wedding with my a group of friends and family? Seems good to me. It’s also like buying the bride and groom a present :3

So they can then do a phone-in on it on 5Live. (NB - I lasted about five minutes through a phone-in yesterday where they were discussing the link between measles cases and vaccing. Of course, they had some ridiculous anti-vaccer on there “for balance”)



Usually spend close to that for travel and accommodation anyway. Sounds like it’ll be a lovely weekend for all involved and I wish them all the best.

To the bride and groom! :wine_glass:


Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be an emotional day for them.


This isn’t going that well so far, might need to start allocating roles at the beginning of these threads…

@ericthefourth can you play staunch-defender-of-unusual-behaviour today please?
@1101010 I’d like you to take on the role of extremely-annoyed-about-this-for-some-reason if possible
@meowington can you be the aloof-why-are-we-even-discussing-this one please?
@Ruffers you’re the wildcard here today please.

Thanks in advance everyone.


No thanks. Ruffers was a prick to me and I’m not very happy about this forum today.

wish it was more money so I could really get annoyed with them but £150 sounds alright


Sorry to hear that

you want me to defend this dickhead? ahm oot